The Land


The timber on the property is Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir. The trees are mature and have undergone extensive stewardship. The owners have limbed all the trees and had the forest professionally thinned, so that the trees are healthy and have space to grow. The understory has wildflowers, wild grasses and attention has been given to remove any weeds or invasive species.

The land has been especially well cared for. There are large boulders, a few rolling hills, and level places throughout the 20+ acres. The work done on the land over the past 20 years represents so many man hours that it is hard to calculate. The new owners will benefit from this work for years to come.

The land is described in two parcels. The lodge is located on Parcel B with 13.02 acres. There is another separate parcel—Parcel A with 7.00 acres. The owners divided this property in order to comply with septic requirements so that another structure could be built on the smaller parcel if needed. Both parcels are described by Certificate of Survey.

The lodge sits above Lost Horse Creek and has about 1,200 feet of frontage on the creek. Lost Horse Creek is not in a designated flood plain according to current regulations.  

The approach to the house is through the smaller parcel to get to the large parcel. See Certificate of Survey in the associated document portion of the presentation.





The Reverie Lodge is located in Ravalli County and has a Certificate of Survey # 592063-F in two parcels. Other private land owners surround the property. The southwest corner of the property is across Lost Horse Creek and is common with U.S. Forest Service land. The property is located in Section 17, Township 4 North, Range 21 West. Area properties can be viewed on Google Earth. Most of the properties in this area are large in size and there is little development in the area.

The multiple tax parcel descriptions will allow for the for the incremental sale of the property or the construction of addition structures requiring water and sanitary systems. This adds value to the land.

There are two septic systems installed on the property. Permit #8530 installed in 2001 for a 4 bedroom home with a 1,500 gallon tank. A second system was installed on the smaller parcel and has never been hooked up to a structure– Permit#1027710-1 with a 1,000 gallon tank for a 3 bedroom home. 

Utilities on The Ranch

The heating of the lodge is provided by a propane fired furnace. Propane gas is delivered to the lodge and stored in a 1,000 gallon buried propane tank which is privately owned. Bitter Root Disposal Service provides garbage collection at an off-site location.  Land telephone is in place by Century Link. Cell phones work well at the ranch with a satellite boost from  Television and internet services are provided by several companies throughout the Valley. There is no water softener treatment system needed for the home as the water tested very high in quality.

Utility and stewardship costs will be made available upon request. The owners have not occupied the home on a year around bases but have utilities on during winter months. They have a caretaker who looks in on the property and plows the driveway and could be available to the new owners if needed. The property is smartly designed with a list of Vendors who know the home and can continue services. 


The acreage vegetation is native grasses and timber. Horses could be kept on the property with the purchase of hay from local markets. The access to trail riding is excellent. The land is level and could be fenced for horses. There are many residents in the area with horses and hay is relatively inexpensive as it is the primary crop in the Bitterroot Valley.



Access to the property is from the US Hwy 93 about 50 minutes from Missoula, MT. The secondary road is Lost Horse Road. This is a Forest Service roadway but is maintained by Ravalli County road department. The access is year round.  Some snowplowing is needed for Lost Horse Trail and must be done privately by the residents on this road.



The taxes on the property total $7,804.34. The parcel numbers are 1027700 and 1027710. The smallest of the parcels is taxed as bare land. The improvements are located on the larger of the two parcels. Having multiple parcels will allow for  a incremental sale to another without the subdivision process for the construction of another home or estate planning. Boundaries can be altered within the total acreage in a boundary line relocation, if needed. This makes this a perfect choice as a family legacy property.


Personal Property Bill of Sale


The Reverie Lodge is being sold with all the appliances, bar stools, and media systems. Some furnishings may be available for sale separately on a Bill of Sale. 



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